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While We Love and Visit Many of These Sites, Little Flock Fellowship Does Not Necessarily Endorse All Views and Positions Represented by These Web Sites. Nonetheless, Enjoy:

APOLOGETICS (defense of faith)

SVC - Apologetics and Teaching Ministry of Dr. Gary Gilley

The Berean Call

John Ankerberg - Writings in Defense of the Faith

Solid Answers for the "Hope That is In Us"

Apprising Ministries - Cutting Edge Apologetics

Lighthouse Trails - Warnings to the Sheep in this Dark Age

Contemporary Apologetics and Similar Links


FrontPageMagazine - Anti-terrorism

Daniel Pipes - Current Views on Islam

American Thinker - Conservative Viewpoints

Christian Post - News for the Faith

Dr. Albert Mohler (Great Insights)



Olive Tree - Biblical Prophecy

Pre-Tribulation Teaching and Hope - He's Coming Back!



Answers in Genesis - Great Creation Research and Apologetics

Creation Science - A Scientist With a Biblical, Literal View

Answers to Many Questions Concerning Creation



Life in Messiah Jewish Ministries

Friends of Israel

Jews for Jesus



Bible Gateway - Different Bible Versions for Reading

PBC Church - Pastor Ray Stedman Library

Bibles, Commentaries & Cult Info on Net

Free Christian Classic E-Books for Download

Grace to You - Brother John MacArthur

SVC - Apologetics and Teaching Ministry of Dr. Gary Gilley

Answers to Many Spiritual Concerns

Financial Watch of Christian Ministries



Summit Ministries - Living for Christ in a Secular Culture

Looking At Life from a Christian Worldview

Parental Alerts in this Secular Education Age