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Additional information regarding in-person gatherings...  

This coming Sunday, [June 7], we will be reintroducing singing and scripture reading to our Sunday morning worship service.  We will have the words up on the screen for you to sing along with.  As always, if you do not feel comfortable participating in the singing, use your own discretion as to your involvement.  We are excited about getting back to more normalcy.  

ALSO, men's morning Bible study will resume on Friday June 12th at Little Flock, in the fellowship hall.  Men's Bible studies will be available Friday's at 7 am and Monday's at 7:30 am every week thereafter at Little Flock.  

The Elders have also been looking at ABF, Children's ministries and other functions as well.  We will be readdressing these things at our next Elders meeting. 

Please continue to be in prayer as we navigate through these times.  Thank you for your ongoing support and steadfastness, we love and appreciate you all.  

Below is a letter from the Little Flock Elders with important information regarding changes and instructions as the church family begins meeting together again.

Thank you for taking the time to read this carefully. 

Preparation for Resuming Congregational Worship - May 17, 2020

Fear not, for I am with you;

    be not dismayed, for I am your God;

I will strengthen you, I will help you,

    I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. -- Isaiah 41:10


We trust that all are well, having endured weeks of quarantine restrictions for the safety of many who would be considered in the high-risk category.


This has been an unusual time and situation for our country, community and church. Please know that your pastor and elders have spent much time in prayer, research and communication to be assured that our decision to suspend church services was in the best interests of the safety of our congregation. While there are varying opinions according to those in government positions, health organizations and in the media, your leaders are confident that we made the correct decision.


However, in looking at the current situation and the lessening of some restrictions, we are excited to say that we have chosen to resume services on Sunday, May 17, by implementing the following changes to mitigate the risk of transmission of infection. 


Why resume now?

In the past weeks, we have seen a loosening of the restrictions. On Monday, May 4, we met with a local businessman to discuss how he is complying with the necessity of sanitization in a public place. We came away encouraged that with some effort by us and with the assistance of the congregation, we can safely meet.


Who should attend Sunday service?

For the sake of safety, we are leaving that decision up to you. If you feel safe in going out into public, please join us. No one knows the exposure of our friends at church, so if you are in the high-risk categories and don't yet feel comfortable in public, by all means, stay home!


If you want to wear a mask and gloves, you are more than welcome to bring your own. Little Flock will not be providing these for public use. Please understand that whereas you may be wearing a mask and gloves, others may not. Again, if you don't yet feel comfortable in this environment, please stay home.


There is no problem in staying home, just as you would for inclement weather. We will record Pastor Sam's message live and deliver that to you via Youtube and/or CD, though it will not be available on YouTube until Sunday evening.


IMPORTANT: Many employers are requiring the taking of personal temperatures. This is not necessary for a public place, but it is a good idea to begin taking your temperature daily. Learn what your baseline temperature is - not everyone is 98.6 degrees. If on Sunday morning you have a temperature that is 1.8 degrees or more over your normal, you should stay home.


What services will we be opening?

In the first several weeks, we will only meet for the Sunday message. In order to limit personal contact, there will be no Sunday School classes, no ABF classes, no nursery, no children's church and no Wednesday evening service. We will not have congregational singing. We hope to have music provided by either the praise band or individuals, but that depends upon their availability.


Coffee and other refreshments will not be served at this time, due to the handling of the dispensers, condiments and even the cups and stir sticks. You are welcome to bring your own.


Service will begin Sundays at 10:45 am as normal.


What safety precautions have been taken?

When you enter the lobby, you will be greeted by someone who will encourage the use of hand sanitizer. Please refrain from hugs and handshakes until a later date.


Next, you will notice the lobby floor taped off in 6' sections so that people can continue their physical distancing.


All surfaces that we believe the public might touch will be sanitized prior to your arrival. This includes door handles, the doors themselves, restrooms and even the chairs we will use in the sanctuary.


When you enter the lobby, please honor the 6' physical distancing recommended. When ready to enter the sanctuary for service, go to the greeters at the double doors. DO NOT use the side doors. If you need to enter the sanctuary through the side doors to access the ramp, please go to the double doors and the greeter will escort you to the side door.


A greeter with gloves will get the number of chairs you and your party will require. DO NOT take a chair on your own unless handed to you by a greeter. The greeter will then be certain that you are 6' from any other seats. Please enter the sanctuary with those you would like to sit with. This new seating arrangement will take time so an early arrival time is encouraged. Please note you may be sitting in a different location than you are accustomed to.


Please honor the fact that many who attend will appreciate the 6' distancing we have provided. Do not invade that space.


When service is over, you will be dismissed in an orderly fashion. We will give instructions at that time. We will dismiss through the side doors at the rear of the sanctuary. DO NOT use the double doors in the center and do not linger in the lobby as there is limited space there.


We will not be printing bulletins to distribute.


If you have spring allergies or a spring cold, please sneeze and cough into your elbow.


What areas of the building will be open?

Most of the building will be off limits. The congregation is not to enter the hallway to the offices and fellowship hall. The education wing will be closed. The basement is off limits. We are limiting these areas so that we have less exposure and less sanitizing to do once the congregation has departed. There will be signage indicating what areas are off limits.


Will the restrooms be open to church members?

Yes. These will be sanitized prior to church service. We have toilet seat covers in each stall that we recommend you use. Please use the provided sanitizing wipes to clean anything you have touched - flush handle, stall doors, etc, then toss the wipe in a waste basket. We will provide tissues to open the doors from the inside without touching the bare door handle.


We are taking this seriously and would ask that you personally honor those who attend, but prefer to maintain the 6' physical distancing currently recommended by health officials. While this is not the normal we desire, we are taking the advice presented to us for the safety of our congregation. Those with families, please educate your children on the above information that pertains to them and also let them know that not everyone wants hugs at this time - actually we all do, but should not do so, yet.


Please work with us and pray with us as we hope to open more services while being equally concerned for the safety of all our loved ones at The Flock. In the coming days, the elders will be contacting each of you individually to discuss this email and any concerns you may have. The steps to mitigate the risk of infection are changing rapidly. All changes to our order of worship will be communicated by email.